Main Topics

  • Educational Sciences (Adult Education, Child Development and Education, Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Foreign Language Education, Guidance and Counseling, Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Higher Education Studies etc.)
  • Administrative Sciences (Public Administration, Local Administration, Political Science, Social Services, etc.)
  • Economic Sciences (Econometrics, Economics, Finance, Finance, Accounting, Banking and Insurance, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, etc.)
  • Communication Sciences (Journalism and Media Studies, Radio, Television and Cinema, Information Management, Communication, etc. )
  • Humanities and Literature (Language, Literature, Philosophy, Culture, History, Geography, Sociology, Psychology etc.)
  • Business (Management and Organization, Organizational Behavior, Marketing, International Relations, Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising)
  • Fine Art (Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Design, Interior Architecture, Photography, Cinema, Music)
  • Law (Constitution, Administrative, Criminal, Tax, Judgment, Execution and Bankruptcy, Civil, Obligations, Trade, States, Labor Law, International, Sea)
  • Theology (Rede, Hadith, Islamic Law, Kalam, Islamic Sects, Sufism, Philosophy of Religion, Sociology of Religion, Psychology of Religion, History of Religions, Religious Education, etc.)
  • Higher Education Studies
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