Prof. Dr. Alptekin Erkollar

Dr. Erkollar is a Professor for management information Systems at Sakarya University, Business School, Department of Management Information Systems, Sakarya, Turkey. Dr. Erkollar's research expertise includes management information systems, industry 4.0 and the factory of the future, production management, technology management, modeling of business systems and simulation. Some of his recent publications include 'Flextrans 4.0 – Smart Logistics for Smart Cities', 'Industry 4.0: Big Data Revolutions require Smart Technologies' and 'Sustainable Cities Need Smart Transportation: The Industry 4.0 Transportation Matrix'. He is an author/editor of several books, more than 200 refereed papers, and an editorial board member of 13 international journals. His recently edited book 'Enterprise and Business Management - Industry 4.0' is the 2018 volume of the international EBM Series.



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