About Congress

About Congress
"International Multidisciplinary Congress of Eurasia" is organized by Young Scholars Union with international scientific board. IMCOFE was held for the the first time in 2015 in Skopje with about 92 participants and 150 papers. 215 multidisciplinary study was presented with 156 participants in Odessa in 2016. For technical and social studies 2 different congresses is organized in Barcelona and Roma in 2018. About 750 papers presented. Congress will be held in Cappadocia on 2021. 

IMCOFE is an international peer-reviewed congress. The papers are subjected to blind review process. The papers evaluated positive are accepted to the Congress by calculated the mean score of the two reviews.

Congress Date and Venue
22-24  September, 2021 / Cappadocia, Turkey. The congress will be organized by Young Scholars Union.

Invitation Letter
Papers sent to the congress will go through the evaluation of the scientific board and a invitation letters will be sent to all authors if the evaluation is positive.

Participation Certificate
Participants who register at the congress and attend the congress will be given a certificate of attendance. Participation certificates will be sent by mail to the participants who participated with the virtual presentation. Co-authors who are not registered and who are not in the congress will not be given a certificate of participation.

Congress Language
English, Russian and Turkish. Presentation times should be set as 15 minutes.

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